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A sound, measurable, objective is the difference between a Goal and a Hope.”

Converting Your Goals into Objectives

A deficiency in the relationship between Strategy and Delivery can result in a project which fails, or substantially fails, due to the strategic intent not being clearly defined, not clearly enough communicated, or not translated properly into clearly defined, measurable deliverables such that successful delivery proves impossible.

We show you how to convert your strategy into measurable objectives and then use those objects as the driver for realising the desired outcomes and benefits from your project initiatives.

Implementing Project Methods & Frameworks

Successfully managing a change initiative may well involve grappling with a methodology or configuring a complex framework. However, learning off a process and applying it rigorously will not of itself grant you success. As Peter Drucker succinctly put it, “there is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all”.

We show you the skills of project, programme and portfolio management, how to apply these skills to your environment and how to monitor progress against measurable objectives.

A good methodology or framework is only of use if it’s properly applied.”

Manage expectations to ensure you become the beneficiary of change and not its casualty.”

Supporting You in Transition and Change

Change management helps organisations adapt to, and benefit from, the impact of change. It focuses not on the instigator of change (such as a project), but the recipient of change (the organisation and its people).

The goal of change management is to ensure the recipient becomes a beneficiary of that change and not its casualty.

We show you how to manage your change environment and introduce you to the people skills, process and organisational skills necessary to achieve successful change.


With a background in consulting and education, our mission is to bring the management practices of professionals into your organisation, by applying a structured project management approach tailored to your needs.


Our team are experienced project managers with skills in programme and project management, business process improvement, human resources, industrial psychology, organisational development, information technology, communications and applications development.


Through coaching and knowledge transfer, we show you the management practices that put you in control of change. You can discover how to capture strategic objectives and link them to project goals which you control and direct.


We provide you with the means to reduce your dependence on external consultants and maximise the return from those that you wish to retain.